The Meyers Group is dedicated to meeting your permanent and temporary staffing needs in the Behavioral Health and Community Health/FQHC industries. We are considered nationally to be the premier search firm in our respective areas given our extensive experience as leaders in our own fields and a twelve year track record of bringing "Impact Players" to our clients as executive search consultants. Our senior staff is composed of industry consultants for organizations developing Succession Planning programs for top executives.

In each industry our group prides itself in being experts at identifying Impact Players who fill key positions such as CEOs, COOs, CMOs, CIOs, and CFOs, as well as management positions with specialties in finance, human resources, sales and business development, clinical services, compliance, government relations and account management. We are equally skilled at serving the Provider Community as well as Managed Health Organizations. In addition, Clients across the country have utilized our consultative services to assist Boards and CEOs in the development and execution of a Succession Plan at the most senior levels.

The Meyers Group will play a critical role in your organization’s continued development of human capital – and that can make a significant difference in both your short and long term success.

Some consultants try to slow the process down, while others move way too quickly. The result is often a long wait with few results or worse yet, numerous bodies in an office who add little to your team. Our methods focus on delivering effective and optimum results for clients and candidates.

We have one thing in mind, to consistently deliver to you that top 20% of candidates – the kind that make a real impact on your business – the ones that are right for your position and your company.

Our recruitment consultants know where to find the top talent. We know who they are, their unique skills and abilities, their personal goals and we are dedicated to placing top-quality executive power at all levels within your company.

It's always the right time to bring in the right people.

The right people will always make your company better, stronger, faster. Give yourself the best chance for success by taking advantage of our network of contacts around the country. Our Executive Search teams are excited about furthering our existing client relationships as well as forging new ones. Hiring the best employees plays a crucial role in taking your organization to the next level, and The Meyers Group is dedicated to finding top talent to help take you there.

We look forward to assisting you with your future staffing needs.